Product FAQs

Q1: What’s the material? Is there a better name for this product?
A1: The name of this material is TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer). Some customers call it: gel, silicone, pectin, washed zero-pressure pillow

Q2: What is TPE? What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPE?
A2: TPE, full name in English Thermoplastic Elastomer, is an elastic material of thermoplastic. This material is mainly used to make pacifiers, toys, adult products, car interior decorations, and other products.

  • Advantage: High level of safety (food grade if required), Soft and comfortable, washable, aging resistance, cooling.
  • Disadvantages: Heavy weight,heat-labile(Unrecoverable deformation easily occurs under pressure at 60 ℃)

Q3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of your product?
A3: Advantage: The biggest advantage is that it releases pressure on protruding parts of the body. The pressure relief grid structure can disperse the pressure of the body’s bumps (such as the shoulders, sacral, hindbrain, hips, etc.) and reduce the peak pressure. The grid structure is breathable. The high safety level of raw materials. The raw material has the characteristics of good touch, soft and comfortable, washable, anti-aging, and cool.
Disadvantages: heavy weight, poor heat resistance

Q4: What material name should be marked on the washing label? How is Purple labeled?
A4: The washing mark can be marked with TPE /elastomer polymer / XX% white oil + XX% SEBS.
American Purple company marked Hyper-elastic polymer, and the Korean customer standard is TPE (TPS-SEBS)

Q5: Can your products are flame retardant?
A5: At present, our products can achieve the first-class standard of flame retardant. If you want to meet higher flame retardance requirements, you can achieve flame retardant effects by using a flame retardance cover. For details, please refer to the attached “Test Report: 7-Yumeng Non-Pressure Mattress Test Report-Flame Retardant”

Q6: Can colors are customized? Do you have a color swatch or color library for custom colors? What is the color difference between custom colors? What is the MOQ for custom colors?
A6:The colors can be customized. We have color samples, you can choose from our color samples, or you can make your requirements, and we will customize them according to your requirements. Custom colors will have color differences. Our product has a grid structure and will have different visual effects in a different light. Therefore, our custom colors are generally divided into two colors, such as red can be customized to dark red and light red, Detailed classification is difficult to guarantee.

Light colors are prone to chromatic aberration, so we recommend customers use dark ones. If you need more color samples, it is recommended to use small grids to make samples. Pillows can be customized color samples according to customer requirements, One product one color, The proofing fee is 800 CNY. If you need customized product colors, MOQ is 1000pcs.

Q7: Can I customize the mold? What are the requirements? Who is the owner right after the mold is set? How is the market divided?
A7:The mold can be customized. If the mold is customized, there may be requirements for the number of sales
After the mold is customized, it belongs to the customer before returning the mold fee and belongs to our company after returning the mold fee. Customers can designate 1-3 national markets as their exclusive sales markets.

Q8: How much does it cost to customize a mold? What is the standard for refunding the mold fee?
A8:The cost of mold customization needs to be determined according to the size, complexity, and processing difficulty of the mold. At present, the mold cost of pillow products is generally about 100,000 CNY, and the mold cost of simple seat cushions is about 40,000 CNY. In addition to the mold fee, you also need to pay the design fee (about 10,000 CNY), the 3D printing sample fee (2000-3000 CNY), and the mold test fee (2000-3000 CNY)

Q9: What are your current products and what are their prices?
A9:Our current products include pillows (flat pillows, high and low pillows, children’s pillows, compound pillows, butterfly pillows, etc.), mattresses (pure TPE, TPE, and a combination of sponge or latex, etc.), seat cushions and back cushion.
Please refer to the product brochure for product introduction and quotation

Q10: Purple in the United States has similar products. Is the patent infringing? Do you have a patent?
A10: Purple’s mattress products are patented in the United States, but not patented in other countries at present, so mattress products can be sold in other countries. Purple’s pillow patent is currently in the process of being filed in multiple countries, but for the first time has been rejected by the US Patent Office. For details, please refer to the attached “0-purple pillow15333486 first review opinion”.

At the same time, we commissioned a law firm to conduct a paid inquiry and found a number of evidence that can prove that Purple patents are not innovative. The most favorable evidence is a German patent in 1949. For details, please refer to the appendix “Evidence Patent 0-Purple Pillow Invalid Patent GB659675A”.

The World Intellectual Property Organization also determined that Purple’s pillow patent is not innovative. Therefore, although purple’s pillow patent has been applied for in the United States (which has been rejected for the first time), Canada, Europe, Australia, South Korea, China (which has been rejected for the first time), and Taiwan (which has been authorized), the probability of approval is low. At the same time, even if it is passed, its patent can be proved invalid.

The risk of pillow and mattress infringement is low in Singapore, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. For details on patents in the Japanese market, please refer to “Japanese Triangular Mesh Pillow / Mattress / Seat Infringement Analysis” The infringement risk of mattress products in European and Canadian markets is low. For details, please refer to “Analysis of Canadian mattress infringement_20191110”

We currently have 6 patents in China, including 3 appearance patents, which are wave pillows, children’s pillows, and butterfly pillows. 3 utility model patents, including pillows, compound pillows, and mattresses. We have carried out the PCT international patent procedure process internationally, and have applied for patents in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Australia, and Canada. For details, please refer to the attachment of the parent folder。

Q11: What grade is your raw material? Is there a specific explanation?
A11:Our main raw material is cosmetic grade, which can be intimately contacted with the skin.
For raw material levels, please refer to Attachment 2–Cosmetic Grade White Oil Safety Technical Manual.

Q12: What is the difference between TPE and TPR?
A12: TPE is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Elastomer. TPR is the abbreviation of its Thermoplastic rubber

TPE is generally modified with SEBS as the substrate, and TPR is generally modified with SBS as the substrate. SEBS is a hydrogenated product of SBS. Its chemical stability, aging resistance, UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and temperature resistance are better than SBS. SEBS uses hydrogenation to saturate aliphatic double bonds to expand the range of applications.

The saturated thermoplastic elastomer SEBS has better weather resistance, heat aging resistance, and toughness than SBS due to the soft segment being a saturated olefinic structure. Therefore, the scope of application is more widely used in the production of high-end automobiles, medical equipment materials, toys, wires, and cables. The US Food and Drug Administration believes that the SEBS material is non-toxic, will not cause allergic, mutation, and rejection reactions to human tissues, and has good air tightness, temperature resistance, and aging resistance.

Q13: What is the powder on the surface of the product? Will it cause problems? Can it be removed?
A13: The powder on the surface of the product is a food-grade PE powder used to reduce the viscosity of the surface of the TPE material, which will not cause harm to the human body. Products from the American company Purple have the same powder.

At present, we have solved the problem of viscosity on products with a hardness of X or above, and this powder can be omitted.

Q14: Can your products are made transparent?
A14: Our products can be made transparent, but because TPE has light-absorbing properties, it can only be made translucent. The price of the product will be higher than the normal color

Q15: What are your current packaging methods? Can the product be compressed and rolled?
A15: Our current packaging methods are mainly pillows + non-woven bags + color boxes + logistics boxes. It can also be packed with pillows + non-woven bags / plastic bags + rolled + packed in tote bags + logistics boxes, but the grid will be bent after long-term storage, and it can be restored after being placed flat.
However, if the temperature during transportation or storage is higher than 50 degrees, it is not recommended to use the roll package. Can’t compress and roll

Q16:What certifications does your product have?
A16: The certification of our products mainly includes the SGS test of the pillow core in Chinese and English (about material safety), the Rosh test of the English version (about material safety), the SGS test of the pillow core (anti-aging performance with latex pillow Contrast), SGS test of the pillow (VOC substance test). Formaldehyde and durability testing of mattresses

Q17:If it is transported by sea, how high is the container temperature, will your products cause problems?
A17: For sea transportation, the temperature of the container has a greater relationship with the transportation season and the transportation route. The highest statistical temperature can reach 57 degrees. Website of temperature and humidity data during container transportation: https://www.sohu.com/a/191174825_755809

Q18: Does your product feel cool? What is the principle of coolness?
A18: The product is characterized by a cool feeling. For specific reasons, please refer to the mechanism analysis of the cold feeling of TPE The reason why the TPE material feels cool to the touch is caused by a larger thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity than other bedding. The large thermal conductivity can ensure that the body feels cold when it just touches the surface of the material. The larger the specific heat capacity is, the TPE material will stay cool for a long time.

Q19:TPE products will seep oil. Do your products seep oil? Does it affect the use?
A19: The oil leakage of TPE products is mainly for materials with capillary effects such as paper. TPE does not produce oil for chemical fiber cloth. Therefore, it is recommended that the outer jacket and packaging of the product should be isolated from materials with a capillary effect as much as possible.

Q20:Can the hardness of the product be adjusted? How do you define the value of hardness?
A20:The product hardness can be adjusted. We use a hardness tester to define the hardness value, the unit is kpa, and it is calculated by the Newton force used to push a circular area of a certain area down a certain distance.

The hardness of our current flat pillow A is 1.78kpa

  • The hardness of flat pillow B is 2.70kpa
  • The hardness of the high and low pillow is 2.50kpa
  • The hardness of the child pillow is 2.07kpa
  • The hardness of the seat cushion is 7.03kpa
  • The hardness of the cushion is 4.35kpa
  • TPE pillow sheet has a hardness of 2.25kpa
  • The mattress sheet has a hardness of 5.41kpa

Q21:Free samples? Who pays for sample shipping?
A21:Less than 3 samples are free, but more than 3 samples are charged.

Q22:How many products can be placed in the 40-foot cabinet and the 20-foot cabinet?
A22:The quantity is calculated based on specific products, packaging requirements, whether to place trays, etc. For example: In the case of using a tray, the wave pillows are packed in a color box + logistics box. A 40-foot high cabinet can hold 2000 pillows.

Q23:Can you add bamboo charcoal, graphene, pearl powder, and other functional materials to your products?
A23:It can be, but whether it can have the expected function after addition is uncertain. If you add these functional materials, the proofing fee is 800 CNY. MOQ is 500 PCS.

Q24:What is the maximum size and weight of a custom mold? How long will it take?
A24:If you customize the mold, the maximum size that our machine can produce is 140 * 800cm and the maximum weight is 4.2kg. If you need to customize bigger size and weight products, we need to make larger equipment and supporting production lines. It takes more than 3 months to make a new mold.

Q25: Can your pillows are antibacterial and anti-mite?
A25: At present, our pillows do not have antibacterial and anti-mite effects. But we can achieve it by adding antibacterial agents or using covers with antibacterial and anti-mite functions.

Q26: What is the number of grids on your pillow?

  • Flat pillow A: the number of upper grids is 1552 and the number of lower grids is 392
  • Flat pillow B: the number of upper mesh is 1464 and the number of lower mesh is 372
  • Wave pillows: the number of upper grids is 1060 and the number of lower grids is 270
  • Children’s pillow: the number of upper grids is 1038 and the number of lower grids is 280
  • Seat cushion: the number of grids is 550
  • Back cushion: the number of grids is 550
  • Single mattress: the number of grids is 576

Q27: Can you reduce the weight of your product? What can you do to reduce the weight of the product?
A27: The product is not a foamed product, and the density of the material is difficult to reduce. Reducing product weight can be achieved by reducing the volume of the product, such as reducing the size of the product, increasing the size of the grid space, and reducing the thickness of the grid. These changes require redesigning and manufacturing the mold.

Q28: Can you make other shaped grid products? Why do you design a grid of this shape?
A28: We can design grids of other shapes, such as squares, hexagons, rhombuses, etc. Triangular grid design refers to the pillows of purple company. The triangular mesh has the best structural stability

Q29: How does the hardness of the material, the size of the grid, and the wall thickness affect the comfort of the product? Do you have any evidence?
A29: Comfort is a sensory indicator, not a rational data indicator. Everyone’s judgment of comfort is different, so it cannot be accurately judged.

  • In terms of material hardness, the softer, the better the touch, but support will be reduced.
  • In terms of the size of the grid, the larger the grid, the easier it is to feel, and support will be reduced.
  • In terms of grids’ thickness, the thicker the wall, the better the support.

Q30: Does your product smell?
A30:The product has a very light odor. In order to ensure product quality, each of our products is subject to VOC testing. Our products have a much lower odor than materials such as latex and foam.

Q31: Can your products are washed? Can I use a washing machine? Can I use detergent?
A31: Because our product materials have the advantages of being non-hygroscopic and dry. So it can be washed. After testing the product in the washing machine for a short time (15min) multiple times (30 times), there is no damage.

However, with continuous machine washing for a long time (40 hours), the product will be damaged due to continuous friction. Therefore, the suggestions for washing pillows: are neutral detergent, water temperature not higher than 50 degrees Celsius, and hand washing.

Q32: Why is your product called a pressure-less product? Why is this grid called a pressure relief grid? What are the principle of pressure relief and no pressure?
A32: Because all our products use TPE material, the material is soft and elastic. All products have a grid structure. The TPE pressure relief grid can distribute the pressure of the raised parts of the body (such as the head, shoulders, crotch, etc.) on the concave surface of the cushion through the bending of the grid wall.

Therefore, the pressure relief grid can release the pressure on the protruding parts of the body. Traditional materials do not have this feature.

Q33: Why do pressure-less pillows and mattresses have the advantage of responding quickly to changes in sleeping posture?
A33: If the pillow and the mattress can fit the body quickly in use. When the body posture changes, the shape and supporting force of the pressure-relieving material also change accordingly. Therefore, the force between the body and the pressure-relieving material can be balanced in a shorter time, which can improve comfort.

This fast response capability is due to the fast resilience of our pressure-less products. The rebound time of the pressure-less wave pillows tested by hand pressing is 0.16S, so the effect of responding to changes in sleeping posture is also very good.

Factory FAQs

Q1: At present, What is your main market?
A1: China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc.

Q2: How much is your capacity? How long does it take to produce 2,000 pillows?
A2: The daily production capacity of a single product is 1000 pcs / day. If it is not a special color or hardness, the production time of 2000 pillows is generally 7-10 days after the production schedule.

Q3: Does your factory have any certifications?
A3:Our factory has BSCI certification

Q4: What payment methods can you accept?
A4:At present, we only accept payment methods such as a 30% deposit for orders, and a 70% balance before shipment.
After the two parties have cooperated many times, we can discuss other payment methods.

Q5: Where is your factory? Can I visit it?
A5: Our factory is in Licha Town, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao City. Welcome to visit. However, the factory’s core equipment, core processes, and raw material warehouses are not open to the public.

Q6: Can I Act Exclusively for Your Company’s Products? Are there any requirements for exclusive agents?
A6:The conditions for the exclusive agency of our products are relatively strict.

  • We need to clearly define the market scope and market channels
  • We have a sales volume target negotiated by both parties based on the size of the market
  • We will shorten the assessment cycle in the early stage.
  • Agents need to pay a deposit

Q7: How do you protect the interests of middlemen?
A7: It can be sold in our name and there will be a 5% -10% price discount. We can quote customers according to the requirements of the dealer,

Q8: Does your factory has a needle detector? This material seems to have an alarm when the needle test is performed. How to solve this problem?
A8: Needle inspection of textiles is mandatory in the Japanese market. Ordinary needle detectors will alarm when testing TPE pillows.

At present, the method to solve this problem is to perform needle detection on all the fabrics before it used on the pillow. If the pillow needs needle detection, you can use the X-ray machine to detect the needle.
For the TPE topper, the accuracy of the needle detector can be reduced for detection, or the detection can be repeated several times, as long as it can pass once.