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Ueesleepy is the sponsor and first manufacturer of TPE pressure-less mattress in China, with more than 6 years experience in this field.

Ueesleepy offers a full range of pressure-less mattresses, including mattress gel grid, mattress topper, spring mattress, baby mattress, designed for different users. Today, TPE mattress become increased popular in the market, which is a very promising market. Now, we can produce more than 300pcs of mattress per day.

During these 6 years, we have provided customized mattress with different size, color, height with high quality. Both clients and ourselves gained great reputation from users!

Today we are looking for partners from all over the world, including factory, wholesaler, retailer and others. We can provide you the most competitive price, priority professional service, market protection, fast delivery, details customization. Contact us for a special offer for your project now!

Product Features:

Effective release pressure:
Based on the shape of human body,intelligent pressure releasing grid technology will be arrived dynamically flex, dynamic pressure release and effectively relieve the pressure of the protrusion.
Care of your spine:
The pressure releasing grid can maintain a better physiological curve during sleep and care for the spine all night.
Isolated vibration transmission:
The unique grid design can effectively reduce or isolate the vibration caused by others’ roll.
Breathable & Cooling:
The open grid design allows air to circulate around you, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable mattress all night.
The pressure releasing grid is made of cosmetic grade hyper elastic material with stable performance, anti aging and durable.

order Details:

Featured Mattress

Classic Mattress Topper Read More

Classic Mattress Topper

Made of 3cm thick TPE material
Small grid size: Approximate 3*3*3cm
Thickness: Approximate 3cm

Honour Enjoy Mattress Topper

Leisure Mattress Topper

Made of 5cm thick TPE material
Small grid size: Approximate 3*3*5cm
Thickness: Approximate 5cm

Luxury Mattress Topper

Luxury Mattress Topper

3cmTPE+3cm foam supporting layer
Small grid size: Approximate 3*3*3cm
Thickness: Approximate 6cm

Honour Mattress

Honour Mattress

Made of  TPE+Foam+Spring material
Small grid size: Approximate 3*3*3cm
Thickness: Approximate 24cm

Step to custom Mattress

Product Design

According to clients requirements, R&D personnel draw up a blueprint and evaluate the feasibility and cost of mould and new products.

Mould customization

Products are produced by injection technics, and all of our existed products are produced by steel mould, so they are super durable. Mould design and production is a very professional procedure. Designers have to ensure the thickness of wall and size of each grid meet clients’ requirements about weight, outlook and comfort, one little mistake may ruin the whole mould.

Make a Proof

Firstly, purchase clean and safe materials, so all of products use food-grade materials; secondly, choose the right one you need from thousands of colors; thirdly, mix them together in different proportion, and put them into injection machine and mould, which is a extremely difficult process, because producer have to make sure the finished products without any clip, bumble, gap or others. Fourthly, we begin design, purchase and produce pillowcase or mattress cover according to your requirement.

Mass production

After anything is confirmed, we will begin mass production immediately. Pillows, covers, bags, color boxes, and logistics box production and purchasing are going simultaneously. When all are ready, package and truck loading begin. Within 60 days, you receive products you ordered!

The Real Factory Profile

We can deliver 1 container within 30 days.

  • Wave Pillow: 18000pcs/month;
  • Kid Pillow: 21000 pcs/month;
  • Teenager Pillow: 18000 pcs/month;
  • Wing Pillow: 15000pcs/month;
  • Butterfly Pillow: 16500pcs/month;
  • Square Pillow: 16500pcs/month;
  • Flower Pillow: 16500pcs/month;
  • TPE Mattress pad: 15000pcs/month;
  • Mattress Topper: 9000pcs/month;
  • Whole Mattress: 4500pcs/month;

Products Certificate & 24h Customer Service

To ensure the safety and hypoallergenic, Ueesleepy always uses cosmetic grade material to produce pillow, mattress and cushion. Besides, we have the strictest Quality Control System to ensure that clients get the most satisfactory products. And all of our products through the test of REACH & RoHS & SGS . In addition, our factory is certificated by BSCI & ISO9001 quality assurance system as well. Ueesleepy offers 24h customer reply service. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! Text, email, call, please refer to below information.

Ueesleepy certificate
Ueesleepy manufacturer

Mattress Manufacturer FAQs

From concept to shipping, Youmeng provides high quality and fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.

Our products can be made transparent, but because TPE has light-absorbing properties, it can only be made translucent.
The price of the product will be higher than the normal color

The cost of mold customization needs to be determined according to the size, complexity and processing difficulty of the mold. At present, the mold cost of pillow products is generally about 100,000 CNY, and the mold cost of simple seat cushions is about 40,000 CNY. In addition to the mold fee, you also need to pay the design fee (about 10,000 CNY), the 3D printing sample fee (2000-3000 CNY), and the mold test fee (2000-3000 CNY)

Our current products include pillows (flat pillows, high and low pillows, children’s pillows, compound pillows, butterfly pillows, etc.), mattresses (pure TPE, TPE and a combination of sponge or latex, etc.), seat cushions and back cushion.
Please refer to the product brochure for product introduction and quotation

Our main raw material is cosmetic grade, which can be intimately contacted with the skin.
For raw material levels, please refer to: Attachment 2–Cosmetic Grade White Oil Safety Technical Manual.

TPE is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Elastomer
TPR is the abbreviation of its Thermoplastic rubber
TPE is generally modified with SEBS as the substrate, and TPR is generally modified with SBS as the substrate.
SEBS is a hydrogenated product of SBS. Its chemical stability, aging resistance, UV resistance, hydrolysis resistance and temperature resistance are better than SBS.
SEBS uses hydrogenation to saturate aliphatic double bonds to expand the range of applications.
The saturated thermoplastic elastomer SEBS has better weather resistance, heat aging resistance and toughness than SBS due to the soft segment being a saturated olefinic structure. Therefore, the scope of application is more widely used in the production of high-end automobiles, medical equipment materials, toys, wires and cables.
The US Food and Drug Administration believes that the SEBS material is non-toxic, will not cause allergic, mutation and rejection reactions to human tissues, and has good air tightness, temperature resistance and aging resistance.

The powder on the surface of the product is a food-grade PE powder used to reduce the viscosity of the surface of the TPE material, which will not cause harm to the human body.
Products from the American company Purple have the same powder.
At present, we have solved the problem of viscosity on products with a hardness of X or above, and this powder can be omitted.

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