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Ueesleepy is the sponsor and first manufacturer of TPE mattresses in China, with more than 6 years of experience in this field. We provide different mattress solutions to meet different requirements for our clients, including mattress layers, mattress toppers, and whole mattresses. 

Today, TPE mattresses become increasingly popular in the market, which is a very promising market. Now, we can produce more than 300pcs of mattresses per day.

During these 6 years, we have provided customized mattresses of different sizes, colors, and heights with high quality. Both clients and ourselves gained a great reputation from users!

Today we are looking for partners from all over the world, including factories, wholesalers, retailers, and others. We can provide you with the most competitive price, priority professional service, market protection, fast delivery, and details customization. Contact us for a special offer for your project now!

Featured TPE Mattress

TPE Mattress Layers

TPE Mattress Layers

TPE mattress layer is the best seller product in Ueesleepy. By purchasing this soft layer, you can add it to your mattress and DIY your unique soft and pressure-less mattress. Ueesleepy provides a square grid and honeycomb gird mattress layer. Both of them support different size.

Leisure Mattress Topper

Leisure Mattress Topper

Ueesleepy TPE mattress topper is a very convenient product,  you don’t need to cut it, just put it on your mattress and enjoy your pressure-less sleep. The thickness of the mattress topper is 6cm, made of 5 layers. We can make the whole mattress topper according to your size. 

24cm Whole Mattress

24cm Whole Mattress

The 24cm whole mattress is made of foam and TPE grid. For the cover material, we use high quality bamboo fiber. If you are looking for a whole mattress, choose the 24cm wholesale mattress is very convenient for you.

One Stop TEP Mattress Wholesale Service

From layers to full mattresses, we provide full solutions to help our clients grow their business. We have done OEM services for many well-known brands in the past 6 years.

Wholesale Mattress from Ueesleepy

Wholesale Mattress from Ueesleepy

No matter wholesale or custom mattresses, we can provide you one-stop service to support your business.

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Ueesleepy TPE Mattress Features

An overview of the features available for Ueesleepy TPE mattress


Ueesleepy use TPE and foam to product our mattress. TPE material is a cooling material, combined with the use of breathable mesh, making this product refreshing and breathable, keeping you awake and not stuffy.

Safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable

Ueesleepy TPE material uses an environmentally friendly and recyclable cosmetic-grade elastomer material. It has passed various industry standard tests, such as Oeko-Tex, etc., and the material safety is guaranteed.

Durable & Washable

Ueesleepy TPE material has stable performance. After multiple compression tests by SGS, the material is not easy to age. Besides, the TPE material itself can be washed separately


Ueesleepy TPE mattress has highly elastic, giving sleepers a soft and comfortable touch and a suspended sleep feeling.

Release Pressure

The elastomer TPE material and unique grid structure design allow the product to quickly bend when exposed to external pressure, releasing the bump pressure.

Isolate Shock

The grid design of TPE and the pressure-releasing properties of the material allow the user to rely on the mutual pulling of the grids to release pressure when turning over in sleep, thereby reducing vibrations outside the sleeper's use area.


Ueesleepy can custom TPE mattress according to your requirement. Actually, our TPE mattress are widely used in many supermarkets, such as LIDL, ALDI, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Tesco….etc. We are the mattress supplier of brand companies like MLILY, TAIYO,SLEEMON, etc.


Support layer can be choose latex, foam, 3D grid and other materials

Size & Color

TPE grid colors can be customized. The size of mattress and mattress topper can be customized, such as 0.8*2m, 1*2m, 1.2*2m, 1.5*2m, 1.8*2m, etc.

Steps to Wholesale Mattress from Ueesleepy

Product Design

According to clients requirements, R&D personnel draw up a blueprint and evaluate the feasibility and cost of mould and new products.

Mould customization

Products are produced by injection technics, and all of our existed products are produced by steel mould, so they are super durable. Mould design and production is a very professional procedure. Designers have to ensure the thickness of wall and size of each grid meet clients’ requirements about weight, outlook and comfort, one little mistake may ruin the whole mould.

Make a Proof

Firstly, purchase clean and safe materials, so all of products use food-grade materials; secondly, choose the right one you need from thousands of colors; thirdly, mix them together in different proportion, and put them into injection machine and mould, which is a extremely difficult process, because producer have to make sure the finished products without any clip, bumble, gap or others. Fourthly, we begin design, purchase and produce pillowcase or mattress cover according to your requirement.

Mass production

After anything is confirmed, we will begin mass production immediately. Pillows, covers, bags, color boxes, and logistics box production and purchasing are going simultaneously. When all are ready, package and truck loading begin. Within 60 days, you receive products you ordered!

Wholesale Mattress Manufacturer FAQs

The single mattress: the number of grids is 576

The product is not a foamed product, and the density of the material is difficult to reduce. Reducing product weight can be achieved by reducing the volume of the product, such as reducing the size of the product, increasing the size of the grid space, and reducing the thickness of the grid. These changes require redesigning and manufacturing the mold.

We can design grids of other shapes, such as squares, hexagons, rhombuses, etc. Triangular grid design refers to the pillows of purple company. The triangular mesh has the best structural stability

Our main raw material is cosmetic grade, which can be intimately contacted with the skin.

For raw material levels, please refer to: Attachment 2–Cosmetic Grade White Oil Safety Technical Manual.

Our mattress has a very light odor. In order to ensure product quality, each of our products is subject to VOC testing. Our products have a much lower odor than materials such as latex and foam.

As a professional wholesale mattress manufacturer and supplier, we really care the benefits of our distributor. The middlemen can sold our mattresses in our name and there will be a 5% -10% price discount. We can quote customers according to the requirements of the dealer,

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