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Pressure Less Seat Cushion

Ueesleepy is China’s first TPE cushion manufacturer and has produced and exported TPE cushions for over 6 years.

In addition to TPE pillows and TPE mattresses, Ueesleepy product developers have developed more functional cushion products according to market surveys and customer needs. Now our TPE cushions include seat cushions, back cushions, neck cushions, and Nap pillows.

With excellent pressure-less grids, cushions can perfectly protect your lumbar and butt. Now we can produce more than 2000pcs of cushion per day.

Ueesleepy adheres to the concept of creating the best quality and ideal products for clients, seat and back cushions comfort and outlook are constantly updated according to clients’ feedback. Therefore, cushion’s sales volume has received big progress.

Today we are looking for partners from all over the world, we can provide you the most competitive price, fast delivery, details customization, market protection. Contact us for a special offer for your project now!

Featured TPE Cushions

Pressure Less Seat Cushion

Seat Cushion

The seat cushion can greatly reduce hip stress during prolonged sitting, relieve fatigue

  • Color: Lightblue
  • Size: 44cm×40cm×3cm
  • Weight:1.49kg
Back Cushion

Back Cushion

The back cushion can greatly reduce back stress from sitting for long periods and relieve back pain

  • Color: Lightblue
  • Size: 39cm×22cm×5cm
  • Weight: 0.88kg
  • Recommend: Chair
Cooling Seat Cushion

Cooling Seat Cushion

The elastic cushion can greatly reduce hip stress during prolonged sitting, and relieve fatigue, the thickened design is more comfortable

  • Color: Lightblue
  • Size: 46*43*4.5-6cm
  • Weight: 1.82kg
  • Recommend: Chair
TPE neck cushion

Neck Cushion

The neck cushion can greatly support the neck and head, relieve neck fatigue

  • Color: Purple
  • Size: 55*39cm
  • Recommed: Travel, Business
TPE Nap Pillow

Nap Pillow

The nap pillow can greatly relieve head pressure when napping.

  • Size: 31*18cm
  • Weight: 0.89kg
  • Recommend: Nap

One Stop TEP Cushion Wholesale Service

We have done OEM services for many well-known brands in the past ten years, we provide integrated wax bead solutions to professional salons and DYI personal at-home waxing.

Ueesleepy factory

Wholesale Cushion from Ueesleepy

Ueesleep provides a one-stop cushion wholesale service to your clients to help grow their business.

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Ueesleepy TPE Cushion Features

An overview of the features available for Ueesleepy TPE cushions


Ueesleepy cushion are made of hyer-elastic TPE material, with pressure relief grid, it can greatly reduce the pressure from your hip, back, or neck. The material is stable and can be washed, it could inhibit bacterial living space

Hyper-elastic material

Hyper-elastic material's density and touch same as human body fat, which 500 pressure relief grids combine with 548 balanced pressure relief grids 360° release the pressure.

Pressure Relief Grid

The balanced pressure relief grids do not compress blood vessels, which could 360° release the pressure and reduce pain and numbness.


Ueesleepy cushion is a mat for multiple uses. You can use sit and back cushion in your business tripsto release the pressure. You can also use our neck pillow and nap cushion during your midday rest to help you sleep better.

Reinforced Bottom

The cushion bottom is reinforced to enhance the support of the buttocks and relieve the pain in the lower back It is a great tools to shockproof cushioning to reduce driving fatigue

Breathable & Comfortable

The cushion is naturally soft, can greatly support your head and neck and disperse the pressure on the crown of the head.


Ueesleepy can provide one stop cushion wholesale service with a competitive price to support our clients to grow their business. We can custom cushions according to your requirements to improve your brands.

Suppling Ability

We can produce over 2000 pcs cushions per day.

Quality Control

Workers do color,organic gas and hardness detection. All details that we can do are for the best quality control for customers.

Customer Protection

We have a mature agent system to ensure that our customers can have a good service experience.

Steps to Wholesale Cushions from Ueesleepy

Product Design

According to clients requirements, R&D personnel draw up a blueprint and evaluate the feasibility and cost of mould and new products.

Mould customization

Products are produced by injection technics, and all of our existed products are produced by steel mould, so they are super durable. Mould design and production is a very professional procedure. Designers have to ensure the thickness of wall and size of each grid meet clients’ requirements about weight, outlook and comfort, one little mistake may ruin the whole mould.

Make a Proof

Firstly, purchase clean and safe materials, so all of products use food-grade materials; secondly, choose the right one you need from thousands of colors; thirdly, mix them together in different proportion, and put them into injection machine and mould, which is a extremely difficult process, because producer have to make sure the finished products without any clip, bumble, gap or others. Fourthly, we begin design, purchase and produce pillowcase or mattress cover according to your requirement.

Mass production

After anything is confirmed, we will begin mass production immediately. Pillows, covers, bags, color boxes, and logistics box production and purchasing are going simultaneously. When all are ready, package and truck loading begin. Within 60 days, you receive products you ordered!

Wholesale Cushion Manufacturer FAQs

Our products can be made transparent, but because TPE has light-absorbing properties, it can only be made translucent.
The price of the product will be higher than the normal color

The cost of mold customization needs to be determined according to the size, complexity and processing difficulty of the mold. At present, the mold cost of pillow products is generally about 100,000 CNY, and the mold cost of simple seat cushions is about 40,000 CNY. In addition to the mold fee, you also need to pay the design fee (about 10,000 CNY), the 3D printing sample fee (2000-3000 CNY), and the mold test fee (2000-3000 CNY)

  • Seat cushion: the number of grids is 550
  • Back cushion: the number of grids is 550

Our main raw material is cosmetic grade, which can be intimately contacted with the skin.
For raw material levels, please refer to: Attachment 2–Cosmetic Grade White Oil Safety Technical Manual.

At present, our cushions do not have antibacterial and anti-mite effects. But we can achieve it by adding antibacterial agents or using covers with antibacterial and anti-mite functions

It can be, but whether it can have the expected function after addition is uncertain. If you add these functional materials, the proofing fee is 800 CNY. MOQ is 500 PCS

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