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    Bedding FAQ

    Q1: What’s the material? Is there a better name for this product?
    A1: The name of this material is TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer). Some customers call it: gel, silicone, pectin, washed zero-pressure pillow

    Q2: What is TPE? What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPE?
    A2: TPE, full name in English Thermoplastic Elastomer, is an elastic material of thermoplastic. This material is mainly used to make pacifiers, toys, adult products, car interior decorations, and other products.

    • Advantage: High level of safety (food grade if required), Soft and comfortable, washable, aging resistance, cooling.
    • Disadvantages: Heavy weight,heat-labile(Unrecoverable deformation easily occurs under pressure at 60 ℃)

    Q3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of your product?
    A3: Advantage: The biggest advantage is that it releases pressure on protruding parts of the body. The pressure relief grid structure can disperse the pressure of the body’s bumps (such as the shoulders, sacral, hindbrain, hips, etc.) and reduce the peak pressure. The grid structure is breathable. The high safety level of raw materials. The raw material has the characteristics of good touch, soft and comfortable, washable, anti-aging, and cool.
    Disadvantages: heavy weight, poor heat resistance

    Q4: What material name should be marked on the washing label? How is Purple labeled?
    A4: The washing mark can be marked with TPE /elastomer polymer / XX% white oil + XX% SEBS.
    American Purple company marked Hyper-elastic polymer, and the Korean customer standard is TPE (TPS-SEBS)

    Q5: Can your products are flame retardant?
    A5: At present, our products can achieve the first-class standard of flame retardant. If you want to meet higher flame retardance requirements, you can achieve flame retardant effects by using a flame retardance cover. For details, please refer to the attached “Test Report: 7-Yumeng Non-Pressure Mattress Test Report-Flame Retardant”

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      Top 10 Air Mattress Wholesale Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

      Top 10 Air Mattress Wholesale Manufacturers & Suppliers in China


      Mattresses contribute greatly to a good night’s rest. These mattresses, however, come from different companies and this influences their texture, materials, and feel. Are you a citizen of China, or relocating to the country soon and needing to get the right mattress that will serve you and your family, or started a mattress business of your own? You need to carry out detailed research on the right company that manufactures and supplies mattresses. To aid you, we will bring you the top 10 air mattress manufacturers in China.

      1. The importance of choosing the right mattress manufacturers in China

      Choosing the right mattress manufacturer in China will guarantee quality sleep. A good mattress manufacturer will provide a mattress that offers comfort and support that will aid restful sleep and contribute greatly to overall well-being. With a good night’s sleep, the body and mind are rejuvenated, prompting better cognitive function, emotional well-being, and physical health.

      2. Factors to consider when choosing a reliable mattress wholesale manufacturer in China

      Selecting reliable air mattress wholesale manufacturers in China necessitates considering various core factors. Here are the factors in detail:

      ➔ Reputation and Experience

      Of course, a good air mattress manufacturer would have a good reputation and have demonstrated a knack for experience in the industry. Hence, take your time and look out for any mattress company or manufacturer that has the credibility to deliver high-quality mattresses to customers based on the number of years they have been in business, their presence in the market, and if they’ve been awarded any certifications.

      In addition, any mattress manufacturer you’re hoping to choose in China should also have a well-established customer base. Check to ensure it’s not only local clients but also international clients. With that, you know they’re trustworthy and can meet diverse customer needs. Don’t skip the online reviews and testimonials aspects as they will further provide insights into the manufacturer’s reputation.

      ➔ Standards and Certifications

      A reputable mattress manufacturer must always provide quality standards and procure the necessary certifications. Out of the things you should look out for in this case is if the manufacturer follows international standards such as ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. With these certifications, that means the manufacturer has met the highest industry standards and has remained dedicated to delivering quality products.

      ➔ Range of Products

      The manufacturer must not be limited to only one type of product. Ensure the manufacturer offers diverse products effectively. Knowing that gives you the affirmation that the manufacturer can satisfy different customers’ needs and requirements. These additional products might be memory foam, innerspring, latex, hybrid mattresses, etc. With that, you know you have the luxury of choosing the one that suits your specific needs (soft, medium, or firm texture).

      Another point in this aspect is a manufacturer that includes other accessories like pillows, mattress toppers, and mattress protectors. With that, you also know the manufacturer is well-knowledgeable and is a one-stop solution for all your sleep product needs.

      ➔ Customization and OEM Capabilities

      This is useful in case you want to have a mattress brand or get a specific customization of your own. Of course, you will surely get your supplies from somewhere, and a nice place to do that is from a manufacturer that offers customization and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) capabilities. With these capabilities, you will have the luxury of designing and creating mattresses that align with your brand specifications, thereby bringing uniqueness and differentiation to the market.

      Likewise, look out for the fact that the manufacturer has a team that’s dedicated to research and development and can join hands with you to bring your vision to life. The manufacturers must also offer a variety of sizes, materials, designs, and branding options to enable you to create a product that matches your target audience.

      ➔ Production Capacity and Timelines

      Another thing to consider is the production capacity and timelines of the mattress manufacturer. This is useful in the case of bulk orders. Of course, a good mattress manufacturer’s production capacity must ensure they can meet your demand without compromising on quality while also meeting deadlines. Know that time is of the essence when it comes to maintaining a steady supply chain and fulfilling customer orders promptly.

      3. Top 10 air mattress wholesale manufacturers & suppliers in China

      Here are the top 10 most reliable air mattress wholesale manufacturers & suppliers in China.

      Top 1: JBM EON

      JBM EON logo


      Business Type: Mattress business manufacturer

      Established: 1983

      Products: JBM EON supplies a wide range of mattresses and mattress accessories. Below is a list of some of the products they offer:

      • Coil Mattresses (Bonnell Coil & Pocket Coil)
      • Foam Mattresses (Polyurethane, Viscoelastic & Hybrid)
      • Latex Mattresses
      • Beds (Adjustable Beds, Sofa Beds Metal/Wood)
      • Pillows & Mattress Toppers
      • Couches

      Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, JBM EON is a professional air mattress wholesale manufacturer and supplier in China. They offer premium quality mattresses for personal use, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide.

      With over 41 years of being in the mattress manufacturer business, JBM EON has a lot of advantages to its services, which include offering cost-effective mattresses, on-time delivery, and quality mattresses. They are ISO 9001 certified and are known to be the largest and most trusted premium air mattress manufacturers in China.

      As we referenced, JBM EON only delivers premium quality products and they occupy an area of about 800,000 square meters with 6 facilities and more than 20 retail stores. JBM EON is the right plug for your mattress supply.

      Top 2: Ueesleepy

      ueesleepy logo


      Business Type: Wholesale Mattress Manufacturer

      Established Year: 2017

      Products: Ueesleepy manufactures a variety of mattresses and their accessories. Some of their products are:

      • TPE pillow
      • TPE cushion
      • TPE mattress
      • TPE sheet

      Located in Qingdao, China, Ueesleepy is the first manufacturer of TPE mattresses in China. They provide different mattress solutions to meet different requirements for their clients, some of which include mattress layers, mattress toppers, and whole mattresses.

      With over 6 years of experience in bedding manufacturing, they have a lot of advantages, which include offering competitive prices, priority professional service, market protection, fast delivery, and detailed customization. These mattresses are produced in different colors, sizes, and heights with high quality.

      Ueesleepy has gained a reputation among clients and users. They can pull off mass production of up to 300 pieces of mattresses in a day, giving room for a mass supply of mattresses to clients. Currently, they are on the lookout for partners from all over the world, including factories, wholesalers, retailers, and others.

      Top 3: Sweet Night

      Sweet Night logo


      Business Type: High-Quality Mattress Production

      Established Year: 2010

      Products: Sweet Night produces bedding and bedding materials. Some of the products they offer are:

      • Mattresses
      • Pillows
      • Toppers
      • Bedding
      • Smart Bed Frame
      • Mattress Protector
      • Bundles

      Located in Guangzhou Province, Sweet Night Furniture Co. Ltd. is a specialist in the design and production of high-quality mattresses and bedding sets. As a company, they create perfect, healthy bedding sets for their clients.

      With over 10 years of experience in the business, Sweet Night makes high-grade mattresses and other products easily. And these products are made from breathable and hypoallergenic foam, which is also anti-dust mite and offers comfort. Sweet Night is certified by many sources, and they supply mattresses to their clients and company, at the very best discount.

      Top 4: CMattress

      CMattress logo


      Business Type: Wholesale Mattress Manufacturer

      Products: CMatress specializes in manufacturing different types of mattresses. Examples of mattresses they manufacture are:

      • Gel Foam Mattress
      • Hybrid Mattress
      • Innerspring Mattress
      • Mattress Topper
      • Memory Foam Mattress

      Located in China, CMattress is one of the biggest mattress factories that combines compress, fold, and roll Technology. As a business owner looking for a wholesale manufacturer in China, CMattress is your guy.

      With their years of experience, CMattress takes the liberty of producing 5 million pieces of mattresses annually. Likewise, they can produce all types of mattresses which you will get at an affordable price.

      CMattress owns two factories which are located in Changzhou and Nantong and they sit on 30 acres and 10 acres of land respectively. They are the best option when it comes to finding a wholesale mattress manufacturer in China that can help you expand your business.

      Top 5: Rayson

      Rayson logo


      Business Type: Mattresses Provider

      Established Year: 2007

      Products: Rayson is engaged in all kinds of China mattresses. Their products include:

      • Spring mattresses
      • Foam mattresses
      • Rolled mattresses
      • Hotel mattresses
      • Pillow series
      • Bed base series

      Located in Shishan Town, Foshan High-Tech Zone, Rayson is a leader when it comes to manufacturing various kinds of Chinese mattresses. Their products are not limited to China alone but are also exported to other parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, America, and so on.

      Due to their years of experience, they can produce high-quality mattresses and innerspring that are recognized all over the world. Likewise, they can produce up to 15000 pieces of mattresses per month. Rayson’s client enjoys the OEM/ODM services offered by the company. For every business owner hoping to get all kinds of mattresses, Rayson is the one-stop shop.

      Top 6: Kaneman

      Kaneman logo


      Business Type: Chain Foam Production

      Established Year: 2005

      Products: Kaneman is renowned among various air mattress suppliers in China and their products are:

      • Home-use spring mattresses
      • Pocket spring mattresses
      • Memory foam mattresses
      • Hybrid mattresses
      • Standard foam mattresses
      • Bunk bed mattresses for schools
      • Water-proof mattresses for hospitals
      • Sofa cushions and sofa bed

      Located near Beijing, Kaneman Furniture Limited has developed a reliable supply chain for all its products sold in over 30 countries. Equipped with a qualified and experienced team, they can build products of unmatched quality.

      With over 15 years of experience, they have been able to garner enough experience in making mattresses with raw materials that enables them to have better control over the quality, have better support customized products, and be able to maintain a cost advantage in the long term.

      Kaneman Furniture has the best customer reputation in the market as it offers a more cost-effective option. They are the best store to get unmatched-quality mattresses.

      Top 7: Aidi

      Aidi logo


      Business Type: Mattress Solution Provider

      Established Year: 2005

      Products: They also offer lots of products, which include:

      • Spring mattress
      • Memory foam mattress
      • Mattress in a box
      • Mattress topper
      • Latex mattress
      • Hotel mattress
      • Kid mattress
      • Medical mattress
      • Pillow
      • Technology smart sleep
      • Pet bed
      • Medical bed

      Located in China, Aidi is a top-notch mattress overall solutions provider. With four manufacturing sites located in Shenzhen, Tianjin, Jiaxing, and Huizhou, they can produce up to 1 million mattresses annually.

      With over 19 years of experience, Aidi can produce high-quality products at the best price without wasting much time searching for them. In addition, they have also cooperated with various industry leaders and they supply quality mattresses across the globe.

      If you’re searching for a one-stop shop for all types of mattresses, Ai Di is the right one for you. The company’s capacity for production is high, and it can easily meet supply demands.

      Top 8: Jinlongheng

      Jinlongheng logo


      Business Type: Wholesale Mattresses And Beds Manufacturers

      Established Year: 1992

      Products: Jinlongheng specializes in producing all types of mattresses. Some of their products include:

      • Time capsule foam mattress
      • Time capsule spring mattress
      • New mattress
      • Hotel mattress
      • Spring mattress
      • Roll-up mattress

      Located in Foshan City, Jinlongheng is a renowned mattress designer and manufacturer in China. Privately owned, they have the advantage of investing freely in the design and manufacture of new quality mattresses.

      With over 30 years of experience, Jinlongheng has acquired the needed resources to produce up to 500,000 pieces of mattresses annually. They don’t only produce mattresses but also deal in design, research, sales, production, planning, and services.

      Jinlongheng mattresses are known to be well-structured and sturdy to effectively aid the vertebra’s comfort. They put customers in mind; hence, they design with comfort and the best prices in mind.

      Top 9: Meng Ruo

      Meng Ruo logo


      Business Type: Professional Integrated Mattress Manufacturer

      Established Year: 2001

      Products: Some of their products are:

      • Spring mattress
      • Foam mattress
      • Hotel mattress
      • Latex mattress
      • Coconut mattress

      Located in China, Foshan Meng Ruo is a professional-integrated mattress enterprise that specializes in the design, development, production, research, and marketing of all kinds of mattresses. With years in business, the company is equipped with professional designers and staff who are dedicated to high-quality standards.

      With over 23 years of experience, Meng Ruo has gained prominence as the best mattress manufacturer and supplier in China, and they always stick to maintaining friendly and long-term relationships with their customers.

      If you’re staying in China, and you’re sourcing for mattresses, Meng Ruo produces a win-win result where you and them both have the most benefit.

      Top 10: Suibao Group

      Suibao Group logo


      Business Type: Mattress Manufacturer

      Established Year: 1971

      Products: Being recognized among other air mattress suppliers in China, they produce:

      • Standard hardness spring mattress
      • Coconut palm spring mattress
      • 9” firm spring box top mattress
      • Coconut fiber mattress
      • Foldable coconut fiber padding

      Located in China, Suibao Group is considered one of the well-known Mattress Manufacturers. Having been in business for quite some time, they take pride in the 10 times honors they received as the best mattress manufacturer for the quality of its products.

      With over 41 years, the company offers a lot of benefits which include the use of American Reynpetta intensive springs and high-quality knitted fabrics to produce high-grade, durable, comfortable mattresses. Suibao Group’s workmanship is highly recognized, and their sleek style in products is also obvious. At Suibao, only good-quality mattresses are offered to clients.

      4. Air mattress wholesale manufacturers and suppliers FAQ

      1. What is the best air mattress brand in China?

      There are limitless mattress brands in China, each with unique features that can accommodate individual and specific requirements. Out of them all, the Ueesleepy brand stands out, and it can be considered the best-selling brand.

      2. Can I see mattress samples online?

      Of course. Having recognized your preferred mattress manufacturer, take your time throughout their page and surf through their website. You should be able to see lots of mattress samples.

      3. How do I know If I need to change my mattress?

      Some signs that show you need to change your mattress are:

      • Enjoy sleeping better in other places than at home.
      • There are visible signs of wear on your mattress.
      • Lack of comfort while rotating on your bed.

      5. Conclusion

      Choosing the right mattress manufacturer in China is not something to do without careful consideration. Some factors to look out for are reputation, quality standards, product range, customization capabilities, and production capacity. Having included these factors during your search, be sure to find it easy to choose the best out of the best mattress manufacturers.

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