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    Bedding FAQ

    Q1: What’s the material? Is there a better name for this product?
    A1: The name of this material is TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer). Some customers call it: gel, silicone, pectin, washed zero-pressure pillow

    Q2: What is TPE? What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPE?
    A2: TPE, full name in English Thermoplastic Elastomer, is an elastic material of thermoplastic. This material is mainly used to make pacifiers, toys, adult products, car interior decorations, and other products.

    • Advantage: High level of safety (food grade if required), Soft and comfortable, washable, aging resistance, cooling.
    • Disadvantages: Heavy weight,heat-labile(Unrecoverable deformation easily occurs under pressure at 60 ℃)

    Q3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of your product?
    A3: Advantage: The biggest advantage is that it releases pressure on protruding parts of the body. The pressure relief grid structure can disperse the pressure of the body’s bumps (such as the shoulders, sacral, hindbrain, hips, etc.) and reduce the peak pressure. The grid structure is breathable. The high safety level of raw materials. The raw material has the characteristics of good touch, soft and comfortable, washable, anti-aging, and cool.
    Disadvantages: heavy weight, poor heat resistance

    Q4: What material name should be marked on the washing label? How is Purple labeled?
    A4: The washing mark can be marked with TPE /elastomer polymer / XX% white oil + XX% SEBS.
    American Purple company marked Hyper-elastic polymer, and the Korean customer standard is TPE (TPS-SEBS)

    Q5: Can your products are flame retardant?
    A5: At present, our products can achieve the first-class standard of flame retardant. If you want to meet higher flame retardance requirements, you can achieve flame retardant effects by using a flame retardance cover. For details, please refer to the attached “Test Report: 7-Yumeng Non-Pressure Mattress Test Report-Flame Retardant”

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      Purple Cushion Review

      Purple Cushion Review: All You Need to Know


      Purple took the mattress world by storm when it released the Original Purple mattress, which uses Purple’s patented super-elastic polymer for a unique touch. Then, in 2018, Purple released the New Purple mattress collection, which includes Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4.

      Thankfully, for those who want to try out the Purple Mattress technology on a smaller scale, or for those who want to expand the Purple line, cushion manufacturers have introduced purple cushions. Purple offers a wide range of saddles and cushions so you can still enjoy the comfort of Purple while working, studying, or reading.

      We’ve found these cushions to be especially good for those who spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair while they work. If your back needs extra support and padding, check out our take on the Purple cousin.

      1. Advantages and disadvantages of Purple cushion

      Here are the pros and cons of purple cushions.

      1) Advantages

      • Excellent longevity and material retains its shape over time
      • Comfortable to use for a long time
      • Not hot
      • Relieve stress

      One of the easiest ways to reduce your chances of developing back and spine problems is to upgrade your chair with a seat cushion; specifically a gel seat cushion. Unlike other seat cushion materials such as memory foam, the gel seat cushion ensures instant shaping and support when you sit down or change positions. Thanks to the unique grid format of the Purple cushion, your weight is evenly distributed without any pressure. This provides better support for your spine and puts less stress on your joints.

      2) Disadvantages

      • More premium cushion styles are a bit pricey

      Purple Cushion

      2. Purple seat cushion style

      The brand has seven-seat cushions to browse, including a cushion. We’ve given you some brief but important details about each individual cushion below:

      • Portable Cushion – The most basic and affordable option. Suitable for hard chairs, vehicles, travel, and sporting events.
      • Everywhere Cushion – This cushion has a handle for easy portability. Best for travel, errands, bleachers, or stadium seating.
      • Back Pad – Provides support for the spine’s natural curve. Compatible with badly rested seats.
      • Simply Cushion – This medium-sized cushion is suitable for soft or firm surfaces. Best for hard chairs, couches or sofas, cars, and office chairs.
      • Royal Cushion – It will make a solid surface feel like a throne if you choose the purple royal cushion. Best for hard chairs, office chairs, gaming, and hobbies.
      • Double Cushion –This cushion is double-sided, with a harder side and a softer side. Best for soft chairs like couches or couches, cars, hard chairs, and office chairs.
      • Ultimate Cushion  -The largest, thickest cushion Purple offers. Best for heavier people, hard chairs, soft chairs, sedentary, and truck driving.

      3. What is the Purple cushion made of?

      All purple mats are made from the 3D-printed super-elastic polymer in the classic purple form. The material wobbles a bit like jelly but still manages to provide support and pressure relief. It is an open cell structure that allows air to flow between the openings.

      4. What does a purple saddle feel like

      Every model will have a different feel. For example, the Ultimate feels thicker and stronger in the hand, which is why it’s a great choice for heavier people. Double Cushion has a harder side and a softer side. It’s a great option for those under 225 pounds, and it’s our favorite.

      It’s perfect for an entire workday. On the other hand, Royal, Portable, and Simply Cushions are thinner and softer. Therefore, they are more suitable for shortened sedentary periods (ie less than 5 hours). After testing the Double Cushion and Ultimate Cushion around the office, we did notice that our cheeks and tailbone were less tired or sore at the end of a long workday. The Ultimate Cushion is our favorite; it’s exactly what it’s like to sit on the Purple 4 mattress.

      I have a client who is a bathroom mirror manufacturer. He has his own company. In order to improve the office environment, he wholesaled many purple cushions from me to his employees. Later, he gave me feedback that his employees found this cushion very relaxing.

      5. Caring for Purple seat cushions

      You can clean your Purple Cushion by separating the cover from the cushion. You can wash the cover in the washing machine, but keep the temperature on low and tumble dry low when you’re done. To clean the Purple cushion itself, hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry when done.

      6. Is it portable?

      Yes. All Purple saddles are very portable, although some may be more portable than others. For example, the Foldaway seat cushion can really be folded in half, making it a great option for slipping into a backpack or luggage when traveling. As a result, the core area receives more support, while the leg gaps receive less support.

      To that I should also add that any purple saddle that is less than 1.5 inches thick is very portable. The list will include:

      1. Portable Seat: 1″ thick
      2. Folding Seat Cushion: 1.2″ thick
      3. Easy Seat Cushion: 1.25″ thick

      test Purple Cushion

      7. Which purple cushions have handles?

      In addition to being collapsible and thinner, there are also many mats with carrying handles. Purple seat cushion with handle includes:

      • Double seat cushion
      • Royal cushion
      • Simple cushion
      • Portable cushion
      • Folding seat cushion

      8. Other special allowances

      All Purple saddles come with:

      • 1-year warranty
      • Free Shipping from
      • 30-day return policy
      • Free returns

      9. Purple seat cushion review verdict

      We really love our purple cushionsThese cushions are perfect for anyone who wants to experience super-elastic polymers without having to sleep on them every night, anyone who sits for more than six hours a day, or anyone with a sore tailbone or hip. Purple offers a variety of saddle models for different purposes.

      10. Should you buy the purple saddle?

      I would recommend purple if you are looking for a saddle that :

      • Super Breathable: Purple cushions are made of a highly responsive and breathable super-elastic polymer.
      • Washable: The removable cover makes the purple cushion easy to wash. Even the polymer pad itself can be rinsed clean.
      • Portable:  This seat comes in many different options, but all purple cushions are very lightweight and portable if you plan to pack it or carry it.

      11. Conclusion

      There are a few different versions of the purple seat cushion, but the base material is the same for all versions. It’s made from a stretchy polymer that gives it some stretch and stretch while still being breathable and washable. All Purple cushions also feature a removable cover with zipper closure.

      Purple’s GelFlex technology keeps your saddle padded, comfortable, and cool while reducing the pressure of light-off tension and adjusting its support cradle to your body shape and movement. Some people who have used the Purple saddle for over 4 years are very satisfied with the support, comfort, and longevity of the saddle.

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