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    Bedding FAQ

    Q1: What’s the material? Is there a better name for this product?
    A1: The name of this material is TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer). Some customers call it: gel, silicone, pectin, washed zero-pressure pillow

    Q2: What is TPE? What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPE?
    A2: TPE, full name in English Thermoplastic Elastomer, is an elastic material of thermoplastic. This material is mainly used to make pacifiers, toys, adult products, car interior decorations, and other products.

    • Advantage: High level of safety (food grade if required), Soft and comfortable, washable, aging resistance, cooling.
    • Disadvantages: Heavy weight,heat-labile(Unrecoverable deformation easily occurs under pressure at 60 ℃)

    Q3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of your product?
    A3: Advantage: The biggest advantage is that it releases pressure on protruding parts of the body. The pressure relief grid structure can disperse the pressure of the body’s bumps (such as the shoulders, sacral, hindbrain, hips, etc.) and reduce the peak pressure. The grid structure is breathable. The high safety level of raw materials. The raw material has the characteristics of good touch, soft and comfortable, washable, anti-aging, and cool.
    Disadvantages: heavy weight, poor heat resistance

    Q4: What material name should be marked on the washing label? How is Purple labeled?
    A4: The washing mark can be marked with TPE /elastomer polymer / XX% white oil + XX% SEBS.
    American Purple company marked Hyper-elastic polymer, and the Korean customer standard is TPE (TPS-SEBS)

    Q5: Can your products are flame retardant?
    A5: At present, our products can achieve the first-class standard of flame retardant. If you want to meet higher flame retardance requirements, you can achieve flame retardant effects by using a flame retardance cover. For details, please refer to the attached “Test Report: 7-Yumeng Non-Pressure Mattress Test Report-Flame Retardant”

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      Top 12 Mattress manufacturer in India

      Top 12 Mattress manufacturers in India


      Are you tired of having back pain while sleeping? It’s time to switch to the best mattress brand. Designed with different materials for great comfort. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed with India’s best mattresses. After a long and busy day, we all want to sleep well. To prevent any aches and pains, we will provide you with a guide to the top 12 mattress manufacturers in India.

      If you’re also looking for a durable and firm mattress, you’ve come to the right place. We all don’t like sleeping in an uncomfortable way, and that’s why we want the best mattresses in India. Sleeping on the best mattress can improve your posture and prevent pain. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for good health.

      1. Our top picks

      The following two are the best options for mattresses in India.

      1) Best Overall – Sleepwell Ortho PRO Profiled Foam 8

      If you are looking for the best mattresses in India without worrying about the price, then this Sleepwell mattress is the best choice. The high-density foam mattress provides you with optimum comfort. Fitting king-size beds, this mattress brand will fit your spine perfectly. The zippered lid is easy to open and clean.

      2) Best Budget – Springtek Tri-Fold Soft Foam Mattress

      Not everyone can afford to spend a lot on a mattress. This mattress from Springtek is the ideal choice if you are looking for the best mattresses in India at affordable prices. An ultra-soft sleeping surface and supportive PU foam make it one of the best mattress brands for those on a budget.

      best Mattress manufacturers in India

      2. Find out the list of best mattress brands in India

      When staying in a resort or hotel, have you ever noticed how soft the mattresses are, they make you feel totally relaxed. You can even get the same feeling at home by purchasing the best mattresses in India. With these mattresses, your mind will be free from stress and you can relax after a busy day. The best mattresses won’t give you pain relief, but will also keep your spine in a neutral position. So not only is a fine and elegant bed essential for your sleep, but the mattress also plays an important role.

      Sleep on the best mattresses in India for mental peace and stability. When searching for a mattress brand, you have a variety of options. It can also be very confusing because you don’t know which one to choose. Read on as we dig into our list of the best online mattresses for your home.

      3. Roundup of the top 12 best mattress manufacturers in India

      It can be difficult to choose a quality mattress.  Mattresses are made for all types of sleepers like prone sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers, and combination sleepers. So that you don’t face any issues while sleeping, invest in the best mattresses in India. Some brands are Sleepwell, Duroflex, Kurlon, etc. This can improve your sleep quality. There are also orthopedic mattresses designed for people with body pain issues. Before we move on, we’ve listed the top 12 mattress manufacturers in India at prices you can check out.

      Best Mattresses in India:

      • Wakefit Mattress (Rs 6,968)
      • Sleepyhead Flip – Double-Sided High-Density Foam Mattress (Rs 7,704)
      • Sleepwell Starlite Single Bed Size (Rs 5,642)
      • Duroflex Back Magic Mattress (Rs 9,324)
      • Wakefit Mattress (Rs 12,797)
      • Kurl-On King Mattress (Rs 21,100)
      • Duroflex Flexi – Double-Sided Mattress (Rs 2,150)
      • Sleepyhead Flip – Dual-Sided High-Density Foam (Rs 10,298)
      • Wakefit Mattress Double Comfort (Rs 7,392)
      • The Sleep Company SmartGRID (Rs 21,499)
      • Duroflex Durobond NXT Queen Size (Rs 12,654)
      • AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Mattress (Rs 2,429)

      4. Complete list of the top 12 best mattress manufacturers in India

      Choosing the best mattresses in India is very necessary for your sleeping pattern. The most common question we get is which is the best mattress brand. Before purchasing a mattress, there are many variables that should be considered, such as requirements and money.

      The best mattresses in India offer support, comfort, breathability, and other features that one should be looking for. Also, you should look for the stiffness and height that meet your needs. To help you narrow your search, we’ve shortlisted the top 12 mattress manufacturers in India, please take a look.

      1) Wakefit Mattress

      Wakefit brand is known for manufacturing one of the best mattresses in India. It comes with both hard and soft dual foam for anyone who prefers hard or soft. Soft Foam, To keep you comfortable and react to your body weight, this mattress is made with responsive foam. Soft and breathable fabric provides good air circulation while you sleep.


      • High resilience foam
      • Hard Foam and Soft Foam

      2) Sleepyhead Flip – Dual-Sided High-Density Foam Mattress

      Another of the best mattresses in India is the one from Sleepyhead. The best choice for a queen size bed is this one. Product dimensions are 198.1L x 152.4W x 12.7Th cm. The comfort of sleeping at night. Woke up in the morning without any back pain. Premium foam makes it durable enough to last a year. This mattress brand can be a great investment for your family.


      • High quality
      • Rigidity and softness


      Not suitable for orthopedic problems

      3) Sleepwell Starlite Single Bed Size

      The Sleepwell Mattress features a firm top finish, ideal for a luxurious night’s sleep. People can use this single-bed mattress to help with pain relief, support, and spinal alignment. Get a soft and breathable fabric that guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep and keeps you fresh, making it the best mattress in India. It has a PU foam mattress for comfort and pain relief while sleeping. Multi-layer core provides luxurious comfort.


      • Relieve back pain
      • With PU foam


      It is irreversible.

      4) Duroflex Back Magic Mattress

      This Duroflex mattress is specially designed for orthopedic problems. If you are experiencing any kind of pain then switching to the best mattress in India is the best way to go as it is also doctor-recommended. Designed to allow you to sleep without discomfort, duroflex is one of the best mattress brands that offers both longevity and comfort. High-density coir provides natural cooling. You have made an exceptional choice here.


      • High-density coconut shell
      • Provides pose alignment



      Mattress manufacturers in India

      5) Wakefit Mattress

      Check out the best mattresses in India. This one from Wakefit has a 6-inch foam mattress. The king-size mattress is suitable for couples, ensuring breathability and superior comfort. This mattress features the latest technological innovations so you can sleep without back pain. Wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep with this best mattress brand. Product dimensions are 72L x 72W x 6Th cm. Mattress firmness is moderate.


      • Breathable fabric
      • Response bubble



      6) Kurl-On Mattress King Bed

      Kurlon mattresses are lighter and keep bed bugs out. Due to the lightweight feature, it becomes easy to carry from one place to another. The firm foam makes it one of the best mattresses in India for orthopedic purposes. It will last longer thanks to the firm base foam and increased density foam. The Indian climate makes it perfect for keeping your body cool.


      • Light
      • Durable

      7) Duroflex Flexi – Double-Sided Mattress

      The Duroflex mattress is the ideal choice for outdoor lovers who enjoy traveling, hiking, and sports.  The lightweight twin mattress is available in two shades of blue and grey. Here are the best travel-friendly mattresses in India. The high-quality finish makes this mattress durable.


      • Travel friendly
      • Affordable


      Not suitable for back pain.

      8) Sleepyhead Flip – Dual-Sided High-Density Foam

      This Sleepyhead Flip – Reversible High-Density Foam Mattress has both hard and soft sides. If you need support, flip the mattress over to the firm side. High-density foam is placed on the upper side to perfectly position your body. You can have a 2-in-1 mattress with soft and firm sides at home, which makes it the best mattress brand. Provide firm support for your spine or sink into the mattress like a cocoon.


      • Both a hard side and a soft side
      • High-density sponge


      No other color options.

      9) Wakefit Mattress Dual Comfort

      After a long day at work, we all deserve a good night’s sleep in luxury, and this mattress ensures that. The Wakefit Mattress is available in both hard and soft foam and features 4 inches. For those who experience neck pain, lower back pain, or similar issues, here are the best mattresses in India. This mattress features reactive foam and high rebound foam.


      Double foam mattress for relaxing sleep


      not too firm

      10) The Sleep Company SmartGRID

      The SmartGrid Luxe Mattress from The Sleep Company is a great choice for anyone looking for a luxurious experience. This best mattress in India made of super elastic polymer is the ideal blend of smart grid technology and luxury. The comforter is made of organic viscose cotton, which prevents skin irritation or rashes and improves the ventilation of the mattress. The smooth walls of the grid provide comfort and comfortable sleep.


      • Enhanced orthopedic support
      • All India Health Association Accreditation


      nonwaterproof mattress

      11) Duroflex Durobond NXT Queen Size

      Looking for the best mattress brands for queen-size beds? Discover this offering from Duroflex that provides just the right amount of comfort and support. The soft knit fabric of the mattress provides softness and ensures comfort. This Duroflex mattress features coir fibers for air circulation and breathability. With this mattress, you can enjoy a restful sleep anytime.


      • Breathable fabric
      • High-density company

      12) AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Mattress

      This best mattress in India from Amazon is hypoallergenic and keeps bed bugs out. The poly-cotton fabric makes this mattress perfect for summer use. Lightweight and breathable, this mattress meets all environmental standards. The best mattress brands offered have a thickness of 0.4 inches.


      • Light
      • Hypoallergenic


      Not very comfortable

      Mattress brands in India

      5. Frequently asked questions

      Here are some frequently asked questions about Indian mattresses.

      1) What are the best mattress brands in India?

      Check out the best mattresses in India

      • Duroflex Mattress
      • Sleep Mattress
      • Wakefit Mattress

      2) Which is better: a spring mattress or a foam mattress?

      Depending on your needs and requirements, both types of mattresses are good. The best mattresses in India have both spring and foam qualities.

      3) Which mattress is best for back pain?

      Memory foam or latex mattresses are the best options for back pain.

      4) Which mattress is best?

      The best mattresses in India are the ones with foam. It can relieve back pain.

      5) What are the three types of mattresses?

      Spring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and foam mattresses are the three types of mattresses.

      6. Conclusion

      In fact, most of us suffer from sleep deprivation without knowing it. One of the main reasons for this is poor quality mattresses. Therefore, when looking for the best mattresses in India, you should consider several factors such as size, firmness, budget, foam, and medical issues. The quality of your sleep has a big impact on mattress brand and quality. The best mattresses in India are designed for comfort and durability.

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