Butterfly Pillow

“Breathable grid;
Soft & Comfortable;
Divisional design;
Stable performance”

Specification:About 54*30*8/9.5cm Core: About 2.2kg

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“Soft & Comfortable, Efficient Resilient
When sleeping posture changes, the pressure releasing grid can quickly respond to the change of human and provide effective sleep quality.
Divisional design, flexible sleeping posture
Sleep on your back, fit your head, neck and shoulders, and release pressure evenly. The heighten design of side sleeping area can effectively provide shoulder and neck support and take care of cervical spine.
Breathable grid, comfortable & cooling
The upper and lower breathable grid design is conducive to the free circulation of air and provides a comfortable environment.
Stable performance, easy to clean
Hyper elastic material performance is stable, anti aging. It can be washed by water at low temperature, to ensure clean and comfortable sleep.”