Flat Pillow

Neck support;
Cool & Ventilated;
Pressure releasing to head and neck;
Follow your sleeping posture;
Stable performance,Easy to cleam.

Specification: About 61*41*8cm Core: About 4.1kg

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“The soft hyperelastic material is composed of thousands of pressure-releasing grids, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the head and neck without pressing on the blood vessels.
Neck support: Hundreds of pressure-releasing grids at the edges are connected horizontally to each other for greater support and gentle support at the neck. Meanwhile, it does not compress the neck blood vessels, soothing neck muscles.
Cool & Ventilated: Breathable grids and cooling material create a comfortable environment of temperature and humidity, and no more sweating.
Follow your sleeping posture: The excellent rebound properties of the hyperelastic material could quickly respond to the changes in sleeping posture, greatly reducing discomfort caused by turning over and maintaining sufficient deep sleep.
Stable performance, Easy to clean: Hyperelastic material performance is stable, anti-aging, durable; Washable with water. Ensure clean and comfortable on your sleeping.”