Composite Pillow

“Pressure release sheet for better experience;
Changeable base layer,Flexible;
High cost-effective,More attractive;
Multiple and flexible combination.”

“Upper: Specification of the hyper elastic material:About 60*40*2.5cm
Under layer: Latex, memory foam, feather or other material.”

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“Pressure release sheet for better experience: The surface of pillow using hyper elastic grid that improve pillow’s comfortable, pressure relief.
Changeable base layer, Flexible: Latex, memory foam, feather or other traditional material. (Under layer).
High cost-effective, More attractive: 2.5cm pressure releasing grid slice can make many different type of pillows. It has low cost for more people.
Multiple and flexible combination: The connection between pressure releasing grid and substrate material can be used zipper, button, gluing and others.”